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Why this e-bike?

  • This jewel among electrics boasts incredible lightness, clean design and the most advanced electronics.
  • No one will miss you on Gocycle, because everybody has to turn around behind that wheel. Ideal for urban transport , regular commuting.
  • The wheel represents the maximally functional and elegant shape of a magnesium alloy frame that has a universal size for all characters. It has completely covered gears and a chain, you will never get bored from these parts, you'll never have to deploy the chain. The Torsion Sensor ensures instantaneous power transfer from the crank to the electric motor. You can control the electronic derailleur by pressing the micro-buttons, but it can also be moved automatically for you.
  • A modern electric wheel like the Gocycle G3 lets you set up driving mode with the smart phone application (Android or iPhone) through the Bluetooth version 4.0. It is possible to define your own assistance mode in so-called "Custom" mode . You can combine the maximum speed, footprint and engine power to match your driving style as much as possible.
  • An easy-to-read and simple LED display integrated in the handlebar displays the speed, gear and battery indicator, in a very detailed 10-scale scale. Separately, information about lighting and cutting is displayed.
  • Ideal driving conditions are up to 80 km and are about 50 km in normal use. The lightweight design weighs only 16.3 kg without accessories, including a hidden battery.
  • You can fold the bike within 3 minutes and carry it in an original bag. There are also many optional accessories such as mudguards, rack, lighting, practical stand, original lock, folding pedals and much more. The Gocycle G3 is in all respects an entirely new generation electric bike .
  • Gocycle G3 Electric Scooter Brochure (English)
  • Download the free Gocycle app for Android or Gocycle for iPhone .



You ask and we answer:

Does G3 drive without pedaling as a moped?
Basically yes, however, the bike has to move the rider in his own power to the speed of about 10km / h, in other words, the bike can not sit, "push the button" and leave. In order for the wheel to behave as a "moped", the pedaling duty must be turned off by the application of the wheel. There is no need to pedal the bike (when it is started), the slider must only hold the accelerator button pressed down on the left handle (it is for reasons of frustration to disconnect the engine if it falls). However, the wheel cycle mode described above does not comply with European legislation on the operation of bicycles and should not be used on public roads. I also point out that in this mode (when the rider does not help to drive with his own pedaling and the movement leaves the wheel completely on the bike) there is a significant shortening of the run, which can be for example only 10 km, even less (depending on the weight of the rider, the terrain profile etc.) .

How fast does this ecologist help?
Engine assistance is limited to 25 km / h in all 3 pre-programmed modes (City / Eco / On Demand). However, in custom mode (which can be re-set using the smartphone or tablet application), support can be increased up to 40km / h. Again, this setting is not in line with European legislation on the operation of bicycles and should not be used on public roads. Higher speed suicide is again a significant shortening of the race.

Is the power of the G3 engine? Is it aggressive enough - sporty?
The engine power is quite sufficient to run the wheel like an electric motor, that is, a wheel with electric motor assistance. It's still a bike, not a moped or a motorbike. The bike was not designed for aggressive riding but as a means of transport especially for urban cycling, commuting, leisure activities,

What is the torque of the engine?
The manufacturer does not. It is sufficient for the purpose for which the bike was designed, ie city cycling and riding on a hardened surface. This ecol (or any other) is not a motorcycle.

What is the price with stand and fenders?
The Gocylce G3 price is 129.990 CZK, the stand costs 4.490 CZK (in ekolo.cz is offered FREE), both fenders cost 3.380 CZK (prices are including VAT).

Is it possible to increase engine support over 25 km / h chip?
Prepare is not possible. Support can be upgraded to 40km / h via Smartphone's customization mode.


Gocycle G2 vs. G3: What are the Differences and Improvements?
Gocycle G2 vs. G3

When something works, it does not need to change. Therefore, on the new Gocycle G3 you will find the same structural design of frame geometry, angles, wheelbase, wheel size. What has changed are some of the important components and technologies.


What does the new Gocycle G3 versus G2 look like? Wheels look very similar, there is a new metallic blue color called Electric Blue . This color looks really amazing and is a great addition to the current Gocycle palette in black, white.

Gocycle G2 vs. G3 Design


The new G3 has fully integrated lighting, while G2 has only light cables connected to it. This gives the wheel a cleaner look and also makes it easier to install. Lights are an optional addition to both Gocycle G2 and G3. They look alike, but there are no backwards compatible models.

Daytime running lights

Gocycle G3 light
The new Gocycle G3 has integrated LED daytime running lights. They are fully integrated into the on-board module.


The edges of the G3 dashboard have a sleeker look to the Gocycle G2. Added 4 blue LEDs are the front setting of daytime running lights. Brake levers offer more secure and faster compression.

Dashboard Gocycle

Battery capacity

The Gocycle G2 has a 10.75Ah battery while the Gocycle G3 has a 13.5Ah battery i that has entered the same space. Thanks to this, the bike has a 25% greater range, while maintaining the weight of the wheel. The new BMS battery pack offers G3 faster charging than G2 and also delivers a stamped charger connector so the charger connection is stronger and prevents unwanted ejection of the charger connector.

Battery capacities


Ergonomics and comfort

The grips are standard round on G2, while the G3 offers oval grip with ergonomic grips for added convenience. The saddle is equally comfortable on both G2 and G3 models. The G3 pedals have been extended and extra grip has been added and are fitted with new quality bearings with gaskets.

Gocycle G2 vs. G3 - Controls




Weight is always important for any portable electric bike. Gocycle has managed to keep weight across the two generations, and the G3 adds only 300 grams of total weight! That is 16.3 Kg.

Gocycle - weight

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF THE FOLDING E-BIKE? The folding e-bike is the perfect mean of transport not only for the city. With a folding bike you can board a bus or a tram, where the carriage of classic bicycles is otherwise limited. The folding and unfolding of e-bike is a matter of few seconds. It is also suitable for holiday, where the folded e-bike in the trunk of the car, caravan or yacht does not take up too much space and will always be at hand on the trip effortlessly.


Elektrokola Gocycle

gocycle značka logo

Výrazně mimo střední proud a zaběhnuté konzervativní konvence stojí elektrokola GoCycle od britské společnosti Karbon Kinetics Ltd..GoCycle je futuristické a přitom vysoce funkční elektrokolo do města, které naznačuje budoucí trendy v oboru. Všechny části konstrukce od rámu, přes kola, motor, akumulátor, po světla byly speciálně navrženy pro elektrokolo GoCycle tak, aby vykazovaly maximální funkčnost a spolehlivost při zachování nízké hmotnosti. Elektrokola GoCycle jsou velmi lehká, vynikají skvělými jízdními vlastnostmi a navíc jsou vyjímečná svým vzhledem. Ekolo.cz disponuje skladem všech barevných modifikací Gocycle a tak jsme schopni vybraný model dopravit k Vám typicky do druhého dne od objednávky. U ekolo.cz máte vždy skládací hlinikové pedály a stojánek (vše v ceně 4000 Kč) zdarma a první rok servisu také zdarma. 


["watth": "300", "amper": "13.5", "volt": "22"}]]


Drive type Gocycle with gearbox in the front wheel, rated power 250W
Capacity and battery type 400Wh (17Ah/22V) Li-Ion hidden in the wheel frame
Control Integrovaný diodový dispaly pro kontrolu rychlosti, převodového stupně a míry asistence, možnost ovládání přes smartphone - GocycleConnect® App via Bluetooth 4.0
Frame type and material Ultra-light magnesium alloy, color variants: White gloss, Carbon black, Electric blue
Front fork Solid single-arm, rear Gocycle silencer, stroke 25 mm
Shifters and derailleur Cleandrive® Shimano Nexus 3-speed - both automatic and manual
Type and brand of brakes Hydraulic disc front and rear
Saddle and seat post Velo D2 Comfort saddle, Vgonomic height adjustable saddle
Tyres Gocycle Performance 20 "/ 1.75", with reflective stripe
Sensor Nastavitelný pedálový torzní (tlakový) i frekvenční senzor
Fenders Can be bought
Load capacity 100 kg - including clothing and luggage
Extras Gocycle electronic Predictive Shifting ™, quick-release PitStop gently bent wheels, fully covered gears, cables in the frame.
Lighting Integrated LEDs for daytime LEDs in handlebars
Weight including battery 16.3 kg (without accessories)
Dimensions (W, H, V) 60 x 76 x 30 cm with folding pedals


Folding Gocycle electro

Gocycle is in the first place in design - nothing like this on our roads will almost certainly not meet. Whether it's the white variant we tested or the black one, the bike looks like cut out of some science-fiction movie - the design really made a lot of stuff and I believe a lot of people just get Gocycle for it.

Alongside the magnesium alloy frame itself, the distinctive design element is a lot of unconventional mounting of the two wheels that are mounted from the side. In fact, the wide-spoked wheels themselves are made of the same material as the frame itself. Both the chain and the derailleur are completely covered, the battery is conveniently hidden in the frame, so nothing clean does not interfere with the design's cleanliness. Indeed, design has also had to recede ergonomically - especially in the case of the control panel - but later on. Anyway, with a quiet conscience, Gocycle is beautiful. Even very beautiful. I did not "take" such a glimpse of my surroundings. And I was not afraid of any lap, for even the greatest ignorant at first glance knew that she could not stand ten, twenty or thirty thousand.

Price, equipment, range

In truth - Gocycle costs roughly as much as the used Fabia - less than 130 thousand crowns including VAT is really enough. On the other hand, besides the absolutely exclusive design, you get a decent charge of modern technology for your money. It's just a matter of course - electronic gear, 3-speed gearbox in the rear, hydraulic brakes, solid and lightweight magnesium frame, spring-loaded rear fork (if you can talk about the fork when the wheel is on the side). And let's not forget - there are not many bikes that can be controlled via a mobile phone. The Gocycle G2R is one of them - you download the app from App Store or Google Play, connect to the bike via Bluetooth and it's already shining - control, settings, statistics, and so on. Ideal for bicycle-based geeks.

Not to forget - the Gocycle G2R is one of the few bikes that we sell, which can be powered by more power than we have at 25 km / h. In some driving modes (and of course at your own risk) you can drive at speeds up to 32 km / h. However, expect battery life to decrease radically.

Gocycle - electric motor

A propos - Range: The manufacturer's range is up to 80 km. In fact, when I ripped the wheel a lot and did not go very well, I was able to pull the fully charged battery off after thirty kilometers, but it is true that at least a third of the route led to a relatively steep hill. I believe that when setting less intensive assistance, the given approach is real. What you get used to is electronic predictive sorting. It has a switch under the handlebars, and in the prediction mode the bike can even re-set itself, which is what I am not a cycling geek. I do not know how reliable this system is, but it worked out without hesitation during our test. The bike is intelligent enough to have energy for shifting even if the battery is completely discharged - it does not happen that you stay hanging halfway down the hill with a discharged battery and the most difficult gear (manually not even in an emergency ).

Driving impressions

The feeling of riding is roughly the same as you would expect from a bike of this kind - the ride is comfortable, the seat is quite upright and when it is turned on it is very pleasant. As soon as you turn off the assistance (or you get a battery), you will encounter the limit of virtually any electric street school, which is the upright position of a rider who is not quite in tune with effective driving on human drive. In addition, for example, in the hilly terrain, three speeds are not just winning - even if we do not pay - the range of gears is decent due to their number. Tires with a non-marking pattern are clearly built for fast ride on hardened surfaces. I think that on difficult terrains you can forget about G2R - it really is not a trekking bike - but, as I often write in reviews, it is not a fault but a feature ...

Electric driving, possibly with increased assistance, is a real experience - the bike also allows you to ride in a moped mode - pure electric drive, when you add a gas under the handlebar - with the maximum speed of up to 32 km / h you can enjoy a lot of fun (I recommend cautiously on climbing cycling tracks - the hydraulic brakes are really sharp and the sharp braking at the maximum speed can easily end up with some inconvenience.) The chapter itself is the control panel on the handlebars, its luminous diodes indicating the battery status, speed, they are definitely impressive and fit into the sophisticated design of the bike, but in practical life most of the users would probably welcome a common LCD display that also has an electric bike at a quarter price.It is true that this handicap is to a certain extent compensated by the iPhone / Android app but let's admit that this method, which in addition requires handling the phone, is not for everyone. Handlebars also act as a battery, speed and gear status indicator. Gocycle 2GR presents itself as a folding bike. But do not imagine a classic puzzle that you fold in twenty seconds and get into the tram. The bicycle can actually be folded into the transport bag in a relatively short time, but it is a function of its transport for longer distances - car, bus, etc. It is really not for everyday use in public transport.

Final summary

Gocycle has gone a long way from the first model. What's left is a great design (and a premium prize), but we can see improvements at almost every step. An excellent bike for geeks, lovers of beautiful things, and people who love the surroundings. The main enhancements are LiIon batteries with higher capacity, Hydraulic disc brake instead of original mechanical, Electronic shift instead of mechanical, Light on handlebars.