Display LCD450U

Display LCD450U

Displej LCD450UTFT screen wih high contrast.

The frame is created by using new material ABS (akrylonitril butadien styren) and the sceen is layered with hardened acrylic to resist scratches.

Certified CE / IP65 water proof / ROHS.






Speed mode - current mode.

AVG Speed (average)

MAX Speed (maximum)

RT Speed (current / real time speed)

Speed display - display speed in km or miles per hour can be set to preference

Battery indicator - smart battery status

Mileage mode - (Trip distance).

Kilometers covered overall (ODO)

Trip Time

Destination distance (DST)

Lights - controls lights on/off and and controls screen backlight

Power indicator - current energy output

PAS level - 7 levels of pedal support

BMS indicator – battery control system

Percentage of Battery capacity requires access to IT support

BMS Mileage information - ukazatel ujeté vzdálenosti.

Maximum range: Maximum range takes into account fully charged battery on even terrain and with light or no wind. Average range is assumes ideal mode selection with ocassional terrain slopes

Wire Length: 1 800 mm