CRUSSIS e-City 1.16-S

Urban e-bike with a rear hub motor and a fully integrated 630 Wh battery. The low-slung main frame tube makes it very comfortable to mount and dismount. Built on 26" wheels. With a range of up to 140 km. An electric bike suitable for everyday use.

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Manufacture date: December 2021

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Rider height: 165 cm



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17 - 18" (M)

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E-bike range calculator

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For 80 kg riders, with a battery capacity of Wh when driving with average assistance after a predominantly , the range on this e-bike will be approximately
(Setting specific assistant mode, electro-technical state, battery age, ambient temperature, aerodynamics and driving technique could affect the overall range)

City e-City 1.16-S 2022. Electric bike for commuting to work, for city trips and for a nice easy trip. 

Functionality and reliability are ensured by the Bafang electric motor located in the rear wheel hub and the extra strong Samsung 630 Wh / 17.5 Ah battery, which is fully integrated into the frame of the e-bike. 

The range of the e-bike is up to 140 km - of course, it always depends on the profile of the track and how the assistance is used, which in the case of this model is five-speed and controlled via an LED panel located on the handlebars. This displays the battery level and the selected level of electric motor assistance. 

The e-City 1.16-S has an aluminium frame with a comfortable geometry. The main frame tube is set very low so you can get on the e-bike without the slightest problem. Also, dismounting is quick and safe thanks to the geometry of the e-bike. This makes the e-bike suitable for those who may find the classic e-bike geometry difficult, for example for health reasons. 

The Crussis e-City 1.16-S is a very practical and functional e-bike. 

The e-City 1.16-S is equipped with 26" diameter wheels. If you are looking for an e-bike built on "twenty-eight" wheels, then take a look at the e-Country model range. Available in two frame sizes, 17" and 19", it is suitable for both men and women.

Ride comfort is made more enjoyable by the Suntour CR7-V 26" suspension fork, no lock and comfortable saddle. You don't have to worry about the rain either. In addition to front and rear lighting, a kickstand and rack, the e-bike also comes with mudguards.

The Crussis e-City 1.16-S is an e-bike for everyday use. An e-bike for everyone.

Rear hub motor Bafang

Rear hub motor Bafang

This motor is ideal for touring and trekking e-bikes. The main advantage is ideal transfers of torque meaning that there is no slippage in the terrain.

It is lightweight and has a maximum continous power rating of 250W with a peak of over 500W.

Crussis Brand

CRUSSIS has been manufacturing its own brand of electric bicycles since 2012. GREATEBIKE.EU offers cost-effective, innovative urban e-bikes designed by Crussis and provides both mechanical and electrical authorised services for Crussis e-bikes for warranty and after-warranty repairs.

They are fast becoming the most popular brand across Europe and have been endorsed by some high profile athletes such as ice hockey legend Jaromir Jagr

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