Charging cable for PowerBox "E" - type BOSCH

Cable for charging station-with BOSCH connector

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Charging an ebike has never been easier!

PowerBox enables e-bikers everywhere - at inns, mountain resorts or in tourist regions - to recharge their e-bike battery easily and safely. The innovative charging cable makes it possible in combination with PowerBox stations. 

Normally, it is necessary to bring your own home adapter to connect to a charging station - this heavy and bulky adapter should not be used outdoors.

The unique charging cable from PowerBox is handy and light-weight, (it only has 28 dkg). This finally allows longer tours - at PowerBox charging station you can quickly recharge the battery. 

The charging cables are available for all popular Czech and European e-bike brands. You will either find them directly at the charging stations for hire (but they may not have the correct cable for your e-bike type), or buy it here in our online store.