Charging cable for PowerBox "R" - type EBUS

Connection cable for charging station-with EnergyBus type connector

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Powerbox.ONE - a unique solution for charging e-bikes "out of home"!

This innovative charging cable in combination with Powerbox.ONE stations makes it easy and safe to charge the e-bike battery. Thanks to the Powerbox, e-bikers can charge everywhere - in pubs, mountain resorts or tourist information offices.

The charging cable weighs only 26 dkg and can be transported in a pocket or bicycle bag. The cable length is 200 cm (2 meters) ..

Charging cable for PowerBox marked "R" - has a RoPD® (Rosenberger Power Data) terminal with a magnetic self-propelled mechanism. They provide fast and reliable magnetic connections, are particularly suitable for data communication and energy transfer voltages up to 60 V and current loads up to 40 A. Thanks to the special design of pins and sockets with high tolerance, they allow a large number of pairing - charging cycles.

This cable is suitable for e-bikes with drives: Brose, Impulse, Green-Mover, Shimano, Xion, Neodrive

This cable is suitable (among others) for e-bike models brands: Bergstrom, Besv, BH Bike, BMW, Bulls, Cheetah, Cucuma, Douze, e-framer, Elops, Fantic, Fischer, Focus, Grace, Hercules, Kraftstoff, Leaos, M1-Sporttechnik, Maxx, Nox, Pedalpower, Pedego, Pegasus, Pinifarina, Poison, Pragma, Raleigh, Qwic, Rockrider, Rotwild, Sblocs, Specialized, Sunn, Triobike, Victoria.

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The charging cable for the PowerBox is either rented by the Charging Site Operator (but may not be correct for the type of your e-bike), or you can purchase it here.