Central drive unit Shimano STePS E6100

Shimano STePS E6100

The Shimano STePS E6100 central motor is one of the lightest central motors on the market with a weight of 2.88 kg. Intelligent assistance provides a very natural riding experience. The motor is designed primarily for travel and sport e-bikes. The motor also offers Walk Assist mode, which provides powerful assistance when walking the bicycle across uneven terrain such as rocky areas or pushing uphill.

The drive unit has seen a lot of work both inside and out. The shape echoes that of the compact and lightweight e-MTB (E8000) for increased rigidity and better power transfer. These combined improvements reduce drag to give a 20% increase in motor efficiency so you can travel further per charge. Shimano also took the weight down to an extremely low 2.88 kg, saving 210g from the previous E6000 model. You’ll feel this weight reduction most when you pedal past the motor’s assistance speed limit of 25km/h and hit the gradual transition from the motor’s power to yours. 


Shimano STePS E6100 Shimano STePS E6100


Shimano brought the pedal arms closer into the bike and they've been able to make the frame geometry the same as a normal bike. This gives a natural riding position with optimal power transfer per pedal stroke. It also looks good thanks to its compact, sleek and integrated design so it blends right in with the bike frame. 

The 250 watt drive unit is nearly silent. You also have a choice between a 38T or 44T chainring to match your riding style and terrain. Both come with 170 mm arms for extra ground clearance which may come in handy for when you hit a stretch of bumpy ground, roll over a curb or pedal through that tight bend in the road.  


Drive unit central
Rated power 250 W
Max. torque 60 Nm
Voltage 36/43/48 (DCV)
Max. support Speed 25 km/h
Weight 2.88 kg



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