Central drive unit Comp C18

Central drive unit Comp C18A drive unit based on a combination of Japanese motors production technology and Czech electronics (i.e. controller, software), including a new generation gearsensor.com called GSGI, which indicates the selected support level.

Central drive unit Comp C18



This unique technical design allows


  • A variable reduction of motor power during shifting is performed based on the current gear and the specified parameters in combination with the data obtained from the system. This allows you to reduce the torque of the motor during shifting and prevents the motor from restarting before the shifting occurs. The shifting parameters are defined by the rider via the display according to individual preferred cadence and several other values of the shifting parameters.
  • Recommendation of an optimal gear based on optimal use of the efficiency of the electric motor in combination with other data collected from the system. The purpose is to conserve battery power and thus extend the riding distance on a single battery charge. This recommendation is done in the form of a graphical symbol of an arrow on the display.
  • information about the current gear to be displayed on the screen. In addition, this drive unit offers a sensorless, sinusoidal programmable controller that allows e-bike manufacturers to tweak the system's behavior by setting different parameters.
Drive unit Central
Rated power 250 W
Max. torque 80 Nm
Voltage 36 V
Pedaling sensor torque sensor
Max. support Speed 25 km/h
Weight 3.0 kg


Display / RM1 controls


Display RM-1
  • Side LCD Display with integrated buttons
  • Minimalistic with basic functions
  • Designed to be used in combination with Comp Drive application
  • Bluetooth
  • USB



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