Central drive unit Brose Drive S

Brose Drive S


The central Brose drive is probably the quietest electric motor used in e-bikes. This is due to the fact that the carbon-fibre belt is used to transfer kinetic energy instead of the wheel. A huge torque of up to 90 Nm and a very accurate power batching predetermines the motor for eMTB models. Thanks to its small volume, the BROSE motor is typically almost invisibly integrated into the e-bike frame.



Brose Drive SBrose Drive S

The powerful Brose Drive S models are the right partners for demanding e-bikers. A particularly sensitive reaction allows rider to reach peak performance on challenging trails.

The magnesium drive with maximum support of 410 percent gives the pedals the greatest strength.

Thanks to the exclusive level of "Flex Power Mode" Support, Brose Drive S has an even better riding experience.


Drive unit Center
Rated power 250 W
Max. torque 90 Nm
Max. support 410 %
Voltage 36 V
Max. support Speed 25 km/h
Weight 2.9 kg


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