Bosch Purion display

New Bosch display designed specifically for off-road use.

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  • The new Bosch Purion display was designed as an alternative to the Intuvia display, with emphasis on compactness and ease of operation.
  • A smaller display size reduces the risk of damage to the field when it is used. Both the display and the driver are merged into one device that is installed instead of the original driver.
  • It offers all the basic functions of the larger Intuvia display in a significantly smaller version. Choice of 5 levels of assistance (Eco, Tour, Sport, Turbo, Off), assistant walking , display of driving parameters (driving speed, distance traveled, range), battery status and selected help level, USB connector for diagnostics.
  • The display is included with cabling and handlebars . It is available in two colors, dark Anthracite (corresponds to Bosch Performance line) and light Platinum (corresponds to Bosch Active line). In the note in the final step of the order, specify the chosen provocation.

CAUTION: When installing this display, it is necessary to dismantle the wheel motor and extend the new cables through the frame . In some cases, it is also necessary to update the engine firmware.

We therefore recommend that the installation be entrusted to a specialist workshop. The cost of installation at the service is only 750 CZK.