BOSCH LED remote

Fully interconnected LED control unit

Bosch LED remote

The LED remote control is also ready for demanding sports riders. It has all the classic functions you need and also allows access to the digital world via the e-Bike Flow app.

1. Optimal readability

For less distraction and more safety. The LEDs are highly visible even in sunlight and the brightness of the display flexibly adapts to the ambient light - meaning that legibility is maintained even in changing lighting conditions and all important information is easily visible. You can also quickly recognise the selected driving mode by the corresponding colour.

2. Smart Connection

Greater flexibility, comfort and safety. Remote LED connects the e-bike to the eBike Flow app. This allows all important riding data, such as ride length or distance travelled, to be displayed and shared via smartphone. Software updates can be made independently.

3. Useful support

Even on the steepest trails and where cycling is no longer possible, you can push your e-bike with ease with Walk Assist - simply press the minus button, move the e-bike and you'll feel the support. The LED remote control also serves as a guide and makes it easier to handle. Walk Assist is particularly useful when riding the eMountain bike on rough terrain.

4. Ergonomic control

The LED remote control can be individually customised and, in addition to its attractive design, boasts optimal ergonomics and intuitive operation. Thanks to the ergonomic 'L' design, the LED remote control can be mounted on the handlebars so that you can reach it perfectly with your thumb and easily operate all the buttons.

5. Sustainably on the move​​​​​​​

Reach your destination more safely and sustainably. The LED remote's rechargeable, long-life battery means you can rely on the control centre every time you ride your e-bike. If the battery ever needs replacing, it can be ordered from a specialist retailer.

Ovládání Bosch LED remoteSecurely mounted to withstand shocks in rough terrain.
Keep everything under control: Buttons allow safe and convenient one-thumb operation. When clicked, the buttons give clear feedback immediately.




Displej Bosch Kiox



eBike Flow app: smartphone-connected LED control






Use the eBike Flow app to download new features and updates for components such as the battery or motor - they'll always be up-to-date and you'll enjoy more options.

Increase your fitness level. For example, the indicator on the display will show you whether you are going above or below average speed. This will motivate you to do even better.



Displej Bosch Kiox

eBike Connect online portal.
All data under control

eBikers have all the relevant information from the eBike Connect online portal to view on a tablet or PC.




Technical specifications

- Five LEDs show the current state of charge of the e-bike battery
- Level of support indicated by the colour of the driving mode LED (black = off; green = Eco; blue = Tour; purple = Sport/eMTB; red = Turbo)

- Indication of walking assistance status (white = walking assistance ready; ice blue = walking assistance active)
- Flexible installation and ergonomic adjustment with universal clamp
- Modular use: the LED remote control can be used with a smartphone or in combination with a display (Kiox 300)
- Ambient light sensor automatically controls LED brightness
- The integrated LED Remote rechargeable battery is charged by the electric bike. If necessary, it can be replaced by the dealer
- Diagnostic interface (type: USB C) for diagnostics or for charging the integrated battery of the LED remote control battery. This port is not suitable for charging a smartphone
- System plug for eBike system connection
- IP54 protects against dust and splashing water
- Temperature range: -5 °C to +40 °C (operation) and +10 °C to +40 °C (storage)

Connection Facts

- eBike Flow app for compatible smartphones (from Android version 7.1 or iOS version 14)
- Bluetooth connection (Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy)
- Software updates via eBike Flow
- Aplication eBike Flow
- Activity details are recorded via LED remote and displayed in the eBike Flow app