Battery SAMSUNG Li-ion 504 Wh (36V / 14 Ah) - Include

Integrated battery Samsung 504 Wh

Battery Samsung 504 Wh

Samsung Li-Ion battery 504 Wh / 14 Ah. It is integrated into the frame of the e-bike and supplies energy to the entire system. Thanks to the central mounting, the e-bike is perfectly balanced, stable and easy to handle.

The battery is able to deliver an e-bike on a single charge up to a distance of 100 km (depending on the circumstances).

Of course, it is equipped with a BMS board (Battery Management System), which protects it from overheating, short circuit or overcharging. You can charge the battery directly on the bike carrier or it can be removed to charge it. You can fully charge a fully discharged battery in 3,5 hours.