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PowerTube 750 battery

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For each challenge

The new Bosch PowerTube 750 battery allows you to enjoy long and mountainous rides while maintaining enough power for every adventure. With a rated capacity of approximately 20.8 Ah and 750 Wh of power, the lithium-ion battery delivers maximum range and altitude within your reach. Well secured, the PowerTube 750 won't fall out of its housing, even in rough terrain. Charges with the Smart Charger.

  Fast charger
Recharge to 50% 2.1 h
Recharge to 100% 6 h






No memory effect

Bosch lithium-ion batteries can be quickly recharged at any time, regardless of the charge level. An interruption in charging will not damage the battery. A complete discharge is not necessary.



Extremely low self-discharge

Even after long storage, e.g. in winter, the battery can be used without recharging. This means that Bosch rechargeable batteries do not need to be recharged after a long break in use. We recommend a charge level of 30 to 60% for extended storage.


Long service life

Bosch batteries are designed for lots of trips, miles and flights. Bosch's intelligent electronic battery management system (BMS) protects lithium-ion batteries from extreme temperatures, overcharging and over-discharge.


Baterie PowerTube 500


Factors that shorten service life:

  • Challenging use
  • Storage at temperatures above 30°C
  • Long-term storage fully charged or fully discharged
  • Parking the e-bike in direct sunlight



Factors that have a positive impact on durability:

  • Storage at temperatures between 0 and 20°C
  • Storage at a state of charge of approx. 30 to 60%
  • Parking the e-bike in the shade or in a cool place