Battery PANASONIC Li-ion 522 Wh (36V/14,5 Ah) Include

Baterie PANASONIC 522 Wh (36 V /14,5 Ah)

Battery PANASONIC 522 Wh (36V/14,5 Ah) upozorňujeIn, the battery and charger are always included in the price of the e-bike.

The heart of the e-bike supplying energy to the system is the fully integrated battery in the wheel frame, which in combination with the central electric motor means only one. Perfectly balanced, stable and easy-to-use e-bike , which also pleases the eye. The battery is capable of delivering an e-bike on a single charge up to a distance of 130 km . However, it always depends, of course, on the track profile and how the assistance is used.