Battery GIANT EnergyPak Smart 800 Wh integrated - include

Battery GIANT EnergyPak Smart 800 Wh

Battery GIANT EnergyPak Smart 800 Wh

Modern lithium battery for Giant and Liv electric bikes. The EnergyPak Smart 800 offers a higher capacity at almost the same size.

This is the latest generation and highest quality battery technology that is purely integrated into the frame. It features an advanced Battery Management System for continuous communication between the battery and charger to optimize charging performance.

The battery is composed of Panasonic lithium cells specific for electric bicycles - it contains 40 cells of the modern 21700 type. Larger cells bring increased density, lower weight and greater volume - this means the battery heats up less and its lifetime is extended.

Dimensions 440 x 85 x 78 mm
Weight 4.4 kg
IP rating IPX6
Charging current 6A