Battery GIANT EnergyPak Smart 625 Wh Integrated

GIANT EnergyPak Smart 625 Wh integrated battery

GIANTs most premium battery technology is cleanly integrated into the frame. It has an advanced Battery Management System for continuous two way communication between the battery and charger for optimized charging performance.

Baterie EnergyPak Smart 500 Wh - integrovaná

  • compatible with Giant and Liv electric bikes (frame integration)
  • baterie type: Li-ion
  • capacity: 625 Wh 
  • enhanced BMS circuit (Battery Management System) for optimal charging due to two way communication between a charger and the battery.
  • compatible with EnergyPak Plus range extender
  • dimension: 435 x 77,5 x 67 mm
  • interface: 6-pin
  • compatible with chargers: 4A, 6A
  • without protective case