From the 1st of May 2019 the ground shipping to all EU countries, Switzerland and Norway is fully operational.

Battery CRUSSIS Half-Integrated [14.5,17.5Ah]

Spare battery for Crussis ebikes with half-integrated battery.

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Capacity 530Wh (14,5Ah)

Availability: WE HAVE IN STOCK

€ 449

Capacity 630Wh (17,5Ah)

Availability: WE HAVE IN STOCK

€ 530

For models 2019: e-Atland 7.4, 7.4-S, 8.4-S, e-Guera 7.4, 7.4-S, 8.4-S, e-Largo 7.4, 7.4-S, 8.4-S, e-Cross 7.4 a 7.4-S, e-Cross lady 7.4 a 7.4-S, e-Gordo 7.4 a 7.4-S, e-Savela 7.4 a 7.4-S,  e-Full 7.4-S