Battery BMZ V10 Panasonic 36V 20Ah 725Wh - Include

Integrated battery Panasonic 725 Wh / 20 Ah

Battery Panasonic 725 Wh / 20 Ah

The Panasonic V10 725 Wh / 20 Ah / 36V battery is an integrated lithium-ion battery from BMZ with a stylish appearance. Small, compact, powerful and with a nice shape. The fully integrated V10 725 Wh battery is one of the best power-to-weight ratio batteries on the market. You'll literally be amazed by the results of this powerful battery. The combination of power and power reserve makes the battery one of the best components of an e-bike.

The battery is capable of taking the e-bike up to 180 km on a single charge. But of course it always depends on the track profile and how the assistance is used.