Apache Power Silent Plus

Motor Apache Power Silent Plus

Motor Apache Power Silent Plus

The Apache Power Silent Plus motor has a hub drive integrated into the centre of the rear wheel. Peak torque is up to 45 Nm and the motor power rating is up to 250 W.

You will also appreciate the unique OFF-road mode, in which the motor power is opened up to 350 W. It stands out for its low weight of 3.2 kg and the choice of 16 Ah or 13 Ah battery capacity.

The off-road mode can be permanently switched on without a motor power limiter. The motor is adapted for cassette installation. On request, a variant adapted for the installation of a screw-in multiwheel can be supplied. Please specify in the notes.

Both disc brake and V brake can be installed as standard. On request, a variant designed exclusively for disc brakes can be supplied.