Odiel was inspired by designs from the beginning of the last century. The Odiel looks like it just rolled out of a small garage somewhere in 1910, but is equipped with the latest technology. This ensures years of driving pleasure!

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Rider height: 165 cm



Recommended size*:
17 - 18" (M)

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€ 3,500

€ 2,893 excl. VAT

Availability: Pre-order only

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Why this e-bike?

ACHIELLE Odiel offers an exciting adventure time and romance with nature. Shimano steps is a lightweight system with a powerful 504 wh lithium-ion battery and an intelligent battery management system. Estimated range is from 100 to 150 km.

This e-bike combines the handlebar and the saddle. It helps in achieving a sporty riding position as well as a straighter, more comfortable riding position. All of our Steps e-bikes are by default fitted with an extra-wide double stand which narrows when you fold the stand so as to increase your comfort. In addition to the Steps system, the bike changes gears electronically and automatically via Di2 (always in the correct gear). The 8 gears are also from Shimano and belong to the Alfine series. These Alfine gears are specially designed for heavy workloads and are easy to use.

A mobile phone can be quickly and conveniently connected to the system via Bluetooth - the smartphone becomes a flexible and fully connected control centre. The most important electronics are integrated in the drive unit, which guarantees a reliable and weatherproof system.

Do you want to explore the unknown and get to where you haven't been yet? In that case, the ACHIELLE e-bike is ideal. Do you need advice on choosing the right e-bike? Use our guide to choosing e-bikes or contact us directly


Drive type Shimano Steps E6100
Capacity and battery type 504 Wh
Front fork Achielle CORUS Steel, hand-brazed, Galvanized
Number of gears 8
Shifters Shimano Alfine 8 Di2
Front brakes Shimano Disc Brake
Rear brakes Shimano Alfine 8 Di2
The stem Alloy Quill 25.4mm
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