The fact that it can also be beautiful and elegant is often forgotten. Esmee is a high quality bicycle with the typical Achielle look, the Shimano Steps mid-motor, a battery with a standart capacity of 504 Wh and Shimano Alfine 8 Di2. Cycling has never been so pleasant and simple.

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Which frame to choose?

Rider height: 165 cm



Recommended size*:
17 - 18" (M)

*Suggested sizes are for guideline only.

Kdy ekolo dostanete?

€ 3,485

€ 2,880 excl. VAT


Discount for purchasing 2 or more e-bikes: 5%

Why this e-bike?



  • motor:  Shimano Steps E6100
  • battery: 418Wh of 504Wh downtube
  • number of gears: 8
  • display: Functions including speed, distance, trip time, clock, gear, estimated range, battery indication
  • brakes: Hydraulic discbrakes Shimano


In addition to the Steps system, the bike changes gears electronically and automatically via Di2 (always in the correct gear). The 8 gears are also from Shimano and belong to the Alfine series. These Alfine gears are specially designed for heavy workloads and are easy to use.

We offer several frames and over 10 colours, you choose the fenders, the carrier, the chain guard, the tyres, … and can be opted for a matching leather cover for the battery. It can also freely determine the lighting. It can opt for AXA’s e-bike lighting or Supernova’s super-deluxe lighting (incredible light yield).

The Steps system is combined with the internal Di2 hub gear, an electronic circuit perfectly integrated in the drive unit. In addition, the system changes gears automatically, depending on your speed and the applied force, it will select the correct gear.

the system automatically returns to a lower gear when you stop and is ready for a speedy departure when the light turns green.

Only Shimano has this knowledge of the electrical drive unit and the gear components. Only Shimano can accomplish this integration. And this makes a huge difference for the rider.

Do you want to explore the unknown and get to where you haven't been yet? In that case, the Achielle e-bike is ideal. Do you need advice on choosing the right e-bike? Use our guide to choosing e-bikes or contact us directly.


Drive type Shimano Steps E6100
Capacity and battery type 504Wh
Number of gears 8
Shifters Shimano Alfine 8 Di2
Type and brand of brakes Hydraulic discbrakes Shimano
Chain Podle konfigurace
Handlebars Podle konfigurace
Saddle Podle konfigurace
Tyres Podle konfigurace
Pedály Podle konfigurace
Fenders Podle konfigurace
Grips Podle konfigurace
Lighting AXA’s e-bike lighting
Extras Walk assist