A new fast-folding version of the unique ultralight magnesium alloy electrobike.

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Rider height: 165 cm



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17 - 18" (M)

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Why this e-bike?

  • This jewel among electrics boasts incredible lightness, clean design and the most advanced electronics.
  • No one will miss you on Gocycle, because everybody has to turn around behind that wheel. Ideal for urban transport , regular commuting.
  • The wheel represents the maximally functional and elegant shape of a magnesium alloy frame that has a universal size for all characters. It has completely covered gears and a chain, you will never get bored from these parts, you'll never have to deploy the chain. The torsion sensor ensures instantaneous power transfer from the crank to the electric motor. You can control the electronic derailleur by pressing the micro-buttons, but it can also be moved automatically for you.
  • A modern electric wheel like the Gocycle GX lets you set up driving mode with the smart phone application (Android or iPhone) through the Bluetooth version 4.0. It is possible to define your own assistance mode in so-called "Custom" mode . You can combine the maximum speed, footprint and engine power to match your driving style as much as possible.
  • An easy-to-read and simple LED display integrated in the handlebar displays the speed, gear and battery indicator, in a very detailed 10-scale scale. Separately, information about lighting and cutting is displayed.
  • Ideal driving conditions are up to 80 km and are about 50 km in normal use. The lightweight design weighs only 17.8 kg without accessories, including a hidden battery.
  • You can fold the bike within 10 seconds and carry it in an original bag. There are also many optional accessories such as mudguards, rack, lighting, practical stand, original lock, folding pedals and much more. The Gocycle GX is in all respects an entirely new generation electric bike .
  • Download the free Gocycle app for Android or Gocycle for iPhone .



You ask and we answer:

Does Gocycle drive without pedaling as a moped?
Basically yes, however, the bike has to move the rider in his own power to the speed of about 10km / h, in other words, the bike can not sit, "push the button" and leave. In order for the wheel to behave as a "moped", the pedaling duty must be turned off by the application of the wheel. There is no need to pedal the bike (when it is started), the slider must only hold the accelerator button pressed down on the left handle (it is for reasons of frustration to disconnect the engine if it falls). However, the wheel cycle mode described above does not comply with European legislation on the operation of bicycles and should not be used on public roads. I also point out that in this mode (when the rider does not help to drive with his own pedaling and the movement leaves the wheel completely on the bike) there is a significant shortening of the run, which can be for example only 10 km, even less (depending on the weight of the rider, the terrain profile etc.) .

How fast does this ecologist help?
Engine assistance is limited to 25 km / h in all 3 pre-programmed modes (City / Eco / On Demand). However, in custom mode (which can be re-set using the smartphone or tablet application), support can be increased up to 40km / h. Again, this setting is not in line with European legislation on the operation of bicycles and should not be used on public roads. Higher speed suicide is again a significant shortening of the race.

Is the power of the engine? Is it aggressive enough - sporty?
The engine power is quite sufficient to run the wheel like an electric motor, that is, a wheel with electric motor assistance. It's still a bike, not a moped or a motorbike. The bike was not designed for aggressive riding but as a means of transport especially for urban cycling, commuting, leisure activities,

What is the torque of the engine?
The manufacturer does not. It is sufficient for the purpose for which the bike was designed, ie city cycling and riding on a hardened surface. This ecol (or any other) is not a motorcycle.

Is it possible to increase engine support over 25 km / h chip?
Prepare is not possible. Support can be upgraded to 32km / h via Smartphone app's customization mode.


Drive type G4drive with traction control 500 watt US / 250 watt EU continuous
Control Pedal Torque Sensing
Capacity and battery type Quick removable lithium ion, 300 Wh, 375 Wh
Frame type and material Hydro-formed 6061 T6 alloy
Front fork Gocycle proprietary, single-sided, Carbon fibre, fixed
Number of gears 3
Derailleur Patented Cleandrive® Shimano Nexus 3-speed
Front brakes Hydraulic disc
Rear brakes Hydraulic disc
Seat post 34.9 mm Aluminium
Load capacity 100 kg
Tyres Gocycle Tyre (406-60, 20 x 2.25 in)
Weight including battery 16,6 kg