Tuning your e-bike to increase the speed

E-bike tuning

The reason that your e-bike does not run faster than 25 km/h is that there is a European speed limit for driving on public roads.
chip tuning
However, when you're on an e-bike (mostly mountain and trekking models), you like to ride off public roads and riding faster helps you to enjoy your e-bike much more.
We can install a special chip in the control unit of your e-bike that will make it run faster. This chip will not damage the e-bike or the motor - metaphorically speaking, it will "take the foot off the clutch". This gives you a derestricted e-bike.
  • Chip tuning is a legally available product, with all the necessary certificates.
  • All the data (including current and average speed, approach, etc.) is still accurate on the display.
  • The warranty is unchanged - the product is easy to uninstall and is not then detectable by diagnostic tools.
  • You can turn the function on or off at any time, simply by pushing a button on the display.
  • We offer only tested and quality tuning types designed for your type of e-bike.
Please note once again that an e-bike with installed chip tuning can only be legally operated off public roads.
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