SpeedBox2 for YAMAHA PW-X 2018

The SpeedBox2 Tuning Chip allows you to remove the speed limiter to take full advantage of your bikes full potential.


€ 194

€ 160 excl. VAT

SpeedBox2 for Yamaha PW-X 2018  is a revolutionary process-control module which  suppresses the speed limiter of your electric bike. After installation and activation of your SpeedBox for Yamaha  the display will show actual values. Values such as maximum speed, average speed, distance travelled daily and range are correctly displayed.

If you have a new bike which hasn't been ridden at all, you must ride it at least 1 or 2 kilometers before you install the SpeedBox tuning kit.

The SpeedBox2 for Yamaha PW-X tuning kit is activated by briefly pressing the WALK button, which is located at the front of the control panel. After pressing this button, the current speed of 9.9 km/h will be displayed on the control panel for about 2 seconds. This means that the SpeedBox2 for Yamaha PW-X tuning kit has been activated. 

When the WALK button is pressed again, the current speed of 2.5 km/h will be displayed. This means that the SpeedBox2 for Yamaha PW-X has been deactivated, and everything will work as if the speedbox had never been installed. The supplementary assistance of your electric bike now works up to its original speed limit of 25 km/h.

Speedbox break the limits