SpeedBox 1.0 for Bosch Smart System

Tuning chip for electric bikes with Bosch 4th generation motors with Smart System. Enjoy riding without speed limits.

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Tuning chip for electric bikes with Bosch 4th generation motors with Smart System. Enjoy riding without speed limits.

SpeedBox 1.0 allows you to deactivate the speed limiter of the e-bike. When tuning is used, the display shows the correct speed values up to 22.2 km/h. After exceeding 22.2 km/h, the actual speed is indicated on the last two digits of the display.

- 22.3 corresponds to a speed of 23 km/h.
- 23.1 corresponds to a speed of 31 km/h

The real values can be monitored in the SpeedBox App on the phone display.

How does SpeedBox 1.0 work?

In order to activate all SpeedBox functions correctly, it is necessary to enter the menu after switching on the e-bike and hover over the e-bike's circuit data.

This chip is characterized by its easy operation. Activation of the SpeedBox 1.0 B.Tuning chip is done in the mobile app or on the e-bike display. After a short activation of the WALK function (holding the "-" button), the display shows 9.9 km/h (6.2 mph) and from that moment on you can ride at unlimited speed.

The chip function is deactivated by activating the WALK function again (holding the "-" button). The display shows 2.5 km/h (1.6 mph) and the speed limit of 25 km/h (25 mph) is switched back on. The e-bike then operates in the same way as before the chip was installed.

For e-bikes that do not have the walk function available or active, tuning can be activated and deactivated by switching between the two modes twice, i.e. by combining the + - + - buttons.

Activation: WALK/ + - + + -
Maximum speed: no limit
Activation/deactivation indication: YES (2.5/9.9 km/h)
Display: readable speed value, correct track value (after deduction)
Compatible with: KIOX 300 display, Bosch 4th gen motors, Bosch Smart System
Incompatible with electric bikes that have a magnet on the valve (Bosch Rim Magnet)

The "countdown" process takes place covertly even during charging, so if you are charging the e-bike with the battery connected, you can ignore the following instructions. If you are disconnecting the battery from your e-bike to charge it, you should wait and leave the e-bike on until the SpeedBox has performed the "countdown" process after the ride. The ongoing "countdown" process is indicated by the increasing ride time on the display on the stopped e-bike. Once the "countdown" is complete, the ride time stops and the e-bike display shows the correct distance travelled. The "countdown" process can be interrupted by turning off the e-bike or starting it up, it does not restrict the use of your e-bike in any way. However, it is necessary to have the SpeedBox perform the "countdown" process periodically to prevent detection of tuning on your e-bike.


Original connectors are used to manufacture SpeedBox chips to make the installation of the chip really simple and the wiring correct. Detailed instructions can be found in the instructions and in the video. Disassembly of the tuning chip is as easy as assembly. If you have any problems with the wiring, don't hesitate to contact us.