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ROTO 100ml + Holder tubeless Repair Kit

Corrective Spray ROTO 100 ml for the temporary repair of standard and UST tyres.


€ 10

€ 8 excl. VAT


Seal the resulting hole up to 2 mm and also inflates the cloak (with or without the soul) in one step. The contents of the container are sufficient for a minimum of 26 "/29" tyre repair.
Can not be applied in case of large damage, puncture of the flank or in case of damage to the rim.
There is also a reduction on the valve for Schrader/Presta and a holder for fastening to the seatpost or frame.

Store the spray in a dry place, keep away from children, do not expose to temperatures above 40°C and do not puncture or incinerate the empty container. Dispose of it in a place intended for subsequent ecological disposal.

Flammable F+ Extremely flammable.