BOSCH 2022 news

February 9, 2022

BOSCH 2022 news


The year 2022 will be full of changes and innovations. That's not lost on the world of electric bikes and leading manufacturer BOSCH, which has revealed all that we can expect in the new year.

It will bring us a host of innovations in both software and hardware for e-bikes. The brand new eBike Flow app is key, but the battery, controller, display and the motor itself have also seen improvements. 





1. eBike Flow app

The new eBike Flow app is the control centre of the e-bike. It controls all functions of the smart system that connects the motor, battery and control unit. The app allows you to customise your e-bike to your exact preferences, improve it and keep it up to date. Just download the new features and services, install and connect them via Bluetooth.



2. BOSCH Performance Line CX engine and BOSCH PowerTube 750 battery

Maximum torque 85 Nm. Quick acceleration around sharp corners and obstacles at low cadence and makes it easy to take off up the steepest hills. For fast sprints, the engine supports you even at high cadence. The eMTB mode, specially designed for sporting use, offers you optimal control and intuitive handling because you don't have to switch between different riding modes often. Thanks to this clever feature, you can tackle technical sections with confidence and overcome obstacles such as roots and rocks with the Extended Boost function. The Performance Line CX powertrain thus ensures an even greater riding pleasure and a flow experience that sets the standard.


The new BOSCH PowerTube 750 battery offers 20-25% longer range than the BOSCH PowerTube 625 battery. Like all Bosch PowerTubes, the PowerTube 750 is perfectly integrated into the frame of the e-bike. The attractive design and high capacity make for an uncompromising combination.

3. New LED control panel

For less distraction and more safety. All important information can be captured quickly and easily thanks to the LED remote control. The LEDs are clearly visible even in sunlight and the brightness of the display adapts flexibly to the ambient light: This means that legibility is maintained even in changing lighting conditions and you will never be dazzled. The LED remote control connects the e-bike to the eBike Flow app. This allows you to use your smartphone to call up all important riding data, such as the length of the ride or the distance travelled, and share it with other users. It is also possible to make software updates independently.




4. BOSCH KIOX 300 display

The robust display is an intelligent companion for sportive rides, allowing you to find out fitness data and optimise your training. The Kiox 300 always stays up-to-date with regular over-the-air updates and ensures optimal fluidity with future offers and new features via the eBike Flow app.  

Kiox impresses not only with its compact dimensions, but also with a colour display that ensures optimal readability day and night. Operation is simple and is visually supported by animations and images. The practical display underlines the elegant look of the e-bike and is protected against splashes and dust.




5. New 4A charger

It charges quickly, is easy to use and is visually appealing. Small and lightweight, the charger is ideal for charging on the go and gives your device the power it needs in no time. Unfortunately, however, the charger is not backwards compatible.