LEADER FOX Exeter - Bazar

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New for season 2018. EXETER 2018 cross-country e-bike with aluminum frame, sporty design, suspension fork, disc brakes, 28" wheels and new Bafang MODEST central motor with integrated revolutions sensor.

The new feature is an integrated frame battery with powerful LG cells with a capacity of 600 Wh and USB port (can be used to charge a phone, navigation, etc.). Fast charger with a charging current of 3A (formerly 1.8A) is included. This significantly reduces battery charging time.



The electric bike is equipped with a Bafang MODEST central motor with up to 80 Nm of torque, maximal continous power of 250W and a maximum power of 350W. This motor has integrated revolutions sensor. Thanks to its high quality the Bafang MODEST has quickly ranked among established drives. It also excels in a very smooth and quiet running and above average performance in climb.

The system is controlled by a color LCD display with control buttons placed comfortly on the handlebars.

We also have a ladies's design.