Increasing the speed of an electric bike to 50 km / h - Brose

Unfortunately, this e-bike model is no longer on our offer.

Please, look into the category, if you can't find one that may suit you, or call us on +420 777.797.011 and together we will come up with the best alternative.


Unlock the full potential !

Your mountain or trekking electric bike is more than capable of running outside of public road at speeds greater than 25km / h.

The legislation regulates the operation of electric vehicles faster than 25 km / h in Regulation (EU) No 168/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 15 January 2013 on the type approval of two or three-wheel vehicles and quadricycles and on the market surveillance of such vehicles, namely Article 2, paragraph 2, point (g) :

This Regulation (power limitation and speed limitation) does not apply to those vehicles designed primarily for off-road use and designed for ride on unpaved surfaces;

We will modify your Brose centre-mounted electric bike in such a way that the electric drive support keeps going to speeds over 50 km/h !

This add-on for the control unit will deactivate the Assitence speed limiter (locked at 25 km / h) on Brose motors.

Thanks to this adjustment you can now take full advantage of your electric drive!

The same Bosch electric motor is also used on " Fast Electric Gears " and is therefore designed with enough power to deliver speeds of over 50 km / h.

The product totally removes the speed limit without any undesirable side effects:

  • data such as current, average, maximum speed, total distance, cadence, power, range, battery status, etc. remain displayed ona screen.
  • the function can be switched off and on at any time while driving, by simply just pressing the button.
  • the device status is always indicated on a certain element on a display while the device is active. As a user, you always know when the limiter is on.
  • the device does not cause any display flickers or any other effects
  • the product we use is legal on the European market and is properly labeled and equipped with appropriate test certification.

Chip comes with Czech installation instructions. The supplier is not responsible for any damage to electric bike due to unprofessional installation.

The supplier does not guarantee that the electro-warranty is not damaged or that the electric system can not be damaged or blocked. The Supplier does not accept liability for any damage caused by inappropriate use of this equipment.