Increase your electric gear up to 50 km/h - Yamaha

A chip to remove the speed limiter. Free installation now available at ekolo.cz!

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Electro-tuning unlocks your motor's power.

Your e-bike can go off-road at speeds higher than 25 km/h.

We will modify your Yamaha e-bike so that the electric drive support increases to above 50 km/h!

This add-on to the control unit will deactivate the 25 km/h speed limit on the battery assist of the Yamaha Syncdrive central drive.

Thanks to this adjustment, you will make full use of the electric drive! The Yamaha electric motor is made with a power reserve to provide this amount of speed to the rider.

The product completely removes the speed constraint without undesirable effects.

  • data such as the current, average and maximum speed, total distance, cadence, power, range, battery status etc. are still shown on the display.
  • the function can be switched off and on at any time while cycling, simply by pressing a button.
  • the device status is always indicated by a certain element on the display while the device is active. As the user, you always know whether the limiter is on or off.
  • the device does not cause any display flickering or other effects.
  • The product we use is legal on the European market and is properly labelled and equipped with the appropriate attestations.

The chip comes with installation instructions in the Czech language. The supplier is not responsible for any damage to the e-bike due to unprofessional installation.

In the event of unprofessional installation, the Supplier does not guarantee that the e-bike guarantee will not be violated or that the e-bike system will not be damaged or blocked. The Supplier disclaims liability for any damage to health or property associated with the use of this device.