New for the Bafang M500!

Increase electric gear up to 50 km / h - Bafang

Tuning including installation now at a great price

New for the Bafang M500!

Unlocking the engine power electro-tuning.

Your electric wheel can go outside the public road at a speed higher than 25km / h.

We will modify your Bafang electric bike so that the electric drive support reaches more than 50 km / h! This adjustment of the control unit will deactivate the assistance speed limitation to 25 km / h of the Bafang MaxDrive mid-range drive.

Thanks to this adjustment you will make full use of the electric drive!

The Bafang electric motor is made with sufficient power reserve to provide this speed to the rider.

Modification removes speed limitation NO ADVERSE EFFECTS :

  • data such as current, average, maximum speed, total distance, cadence, power, range, battery status, etc. remain displayed on the display.
  • the adjustment does not cause any display blinking or other effects