LEADER FOX Neba City 28"

NEBA CITY 2019 urban electric bike with aluminum frame, sleek design, sprung front fork, disc brakes, 8-inch integrated shimano nexus dash and 28 "wheel size.

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The 16Ah (576Wh) powerful battery LG battery is located on the rear carrier. Another plus is a fast charger with a charging current of 3A. This significantly reduces battery charging time.
The electric bike is equipped with a Bafang Max Drive central motor with a nominal power of 250W and a maximum power of 350W. This engine also boasts a high torque that can reach up to 80 Nm and is equipped with a torque pedal force sensor. This means that the more force the cyclist gets, the greater the power the engine assists.
The Bafang Max Drive has quickly ranked among the established central drives, thanks to its high-quality processing. It also excels in very smooth running, above average performance in climb and quiet running.
The system is controlled by a color LCD display and a push button control located on the handlebars.

E-bike range calculator

Total weight of rider (incl. equipment)
Predominant route profile
Battery capacity
For 80 kg riders, with a battery capacity of Wh when driving with maximum assistance after a predominantly , the range on this e-bike will be approximately
(Setting specific assistant mode, electro-technical state, battery age, ambient temperature, aerodynamics and driving technique could affect the overall range)

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Tento motor je evolucí velmi oblíbeného motoru M400. Hlavní novinkou je tisícihran použitý pro uchycení klik (namísto čtyřhranu u M400), dále nový design krytu motoru a možnost použít nové displeje. Software a výkon motoru zůstaly beze změn.

Motor je evolucí velmi oblíbeného motoru M400. Hlavní novinkou je tisícihran použitý pro uchycení klik.

Czech LEADER FOX is one of the most popular brands of pedelecs and ekolo.cz belongs to the biggest sales and service partners in the Czech Republic. The brand offers a wide range of 40 models from folding, urban trouring and trekking models. With full battery integration and the use of powerful mid and hub drives, LEADER FOX e-bikes are great option for those looking for quality and design at a reasonable price. Designing, preparation of production models and assembly take place in a workshop situated in České Budějovice in the Czech Republic.



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Drive type BAFANG M420,36V, CENTRAL
Capacity and battery type LG 36V/16 Ah, Li-ion,576Wh
Frame type and material AL 6061
Shifters and derailleur Shimano Nexus, 8 gears
Type and brand of brakes HYDRAULIC SHIMANO MT200
Chain KMC X9e
Saddle and seat post SELLE ROYAL WAVE, ROYAL GEL, EXERACE D: 30,9mm, L: 350mm
Fenders ano
Load capacity 120 kg
Extras kickstand, lighting, carrier, bell, chain guard, fenders
Lighting LED
Weight incl. battery 28,1 kg (18")