E-IKS charging stand

Charging stand for electric school

Design charging station for any type of electric school for your business, shop, or rental


€ 891.20

€ 736.00 excl. VAT

The concept of the charging stand is based on the proven geometry of the ICS cyclotron from the Czech Urbania community - the furniture maker.

The clean and simple design of the rack makes it suitable for use at exposed places such as corporate reception, waiting rooms and sheltered courtyards.

The rack can be designed for 2 or 4 electric cars and two racks can be connected to up to 8 simultaneously parked and charged electric wheels.

The price is for a standard version for 4 e-bikes. Price of option for parking 2 electric wheels is 14.114 Kč (17.078 Kč with VAT).

The 3 support points ensure high stability of the rack, in the placement of the interior, even without the need for firm anchoring to the floor. The construction of the rack is designed to lock the bike safely by any cycling lock of min. 60cm. All cabling is led through the inside of the rack.

Material used: Iron-zinc-protected metal construction and paint-paint finish according to customer specification ( RAL sampler ).

The cost of the rack is including the built-in type of chargers but without the price of the chargers (these are typically supplied with electric wheels). The price of the battery charger for a 1-wheeler battery (2A, 3A / 42V) is CZK 1,100 excluding VAT. Another charger voltage (24V, 48V) can be made on demand. On the customer's side, the charger can be fitted with any charging terminal according to the type of electric appliance. By default, the 3PIN or 4PIN XLR male connectors are supplied. .

The charging stand can be operated in an environment without direct water (rain or spraying) but can be installed and operated in an outdoor shelter or underground garages.

Electric lock (version for 4 e-wheels): Max. 3 * 4A (16A), 230VAC.
Standard plug socket with earthing, 5 m power cord length (possibly without a terminal to the switchboard)

Dimensions: Height 775mm, Depth 605mm, Width 580mm (2 wheels), 1630mm (4 rounds).

Delivery time in customer-specific configuration: 1 month.