BOSCH 2023 News

January 22, 2023

BOSCH 2023 News

The BOSCH smart system for e-bikes brings a number of innovations for 2023 as well. The new features offer even better safety and more riding pleasure. It combines high-quality hardware components with innovative digital functions. eBike ALARM is the new alarm function for the Bosch 2023 e-bike and, in conjunction with the eBike Lock, promises comprehensive additional protection against theft. The new ABS system enables safer braking on any surface. 




1. The Bosch eBike ABS

People often use the rear brake out of caution or fear. However, Bosch eBike ABS now makes it safer and more secure to brake with both brakes simultaneously. It can prevent the front wheel from locking up, helping to avoid skidding. You'll stay safely in the saddle even when braking suddenly - whether you're riding on firm tarmac or slippery gravel roads.



2. The Bosch eBike Alarm

The eBike Alarm is the ideal complement to the mechanical lock for even better protection against theft. Once installed via the eBike Flow app, your smartphone serves as a digital key. The moment you switch off your e-bike, the eBike Alarm system is automatically activated. It reacts to the slightest movement with alarm signals. If the e-bike moves significantly, you receive a message on your smartphone, the tracking function is triggered and you can track the location of the e-bike in the eBike Flow app. In order to use the eBike Alarm, the ConnectModule must be installed in the e-bike and the eBike Lock function, the automatic deactivation of the motor support, must be activated.



3. The Bosch eBike battery

Bosch batteries are an efficient and long-lasting energy source and are among the most advanced on the market. Bosch eBike rechargeable batteries combine light weight with ergonomic design and easy handling. The Battery Management System of the high-quality lithium-ion batteries detects potential sources of error and protects the cells from overloading. The new BOSCH PowerTube 750 battery offers 20-25% longer range than the BOSCH PowerTube 625.



4. Display Intuvia 100

The display is particularly clear thanks to the large font and, together with the shift recommendation, provides greater safety and comfort when driving. It impresses not only with its compact dimensions and optimum readability day and night. Operation is very simple. The practical display underlines the elegant appearance of the e-bike and is protected against water and dust.





5. eBike control and Mini Remote control

The System Controller is a control unit for electric bikes with the Bosch Smart System 2023. It is limited to the most necessary functions. The limited number of functions and information facilitates a quick overview and ensures that you are not distracted while riding.

The Mini Remote can easily be retrofitted to the system control unit and independently installed on the handlebars. The Mini Remote control extends the range of functions. When the Mini Remote is fitted, you can also control the display or use your smartphone as a display.