We deliver to all countries in Europe within the EFTA agreement. We deliver 100% assembled e-bikes.


Set the front and back of the Bookman USB. This set is easily attached to the handlebar and seat tube. Excellent design guarantees 100% performance in all weather (waterproof).

-Package contents:

  • Front light
  • Taillight
  • USB / Micro USB cable

-Battery life:

  • 5 hours (steady light)
  • 25 hours (blinking)

-Vidibility: more than 500 meters
- Operating modes: steady light / flashing / off
-Battery: Lithium-ion
-Charge mode:

  1. Open the connector cover
  2. Insert the micro USB cable
  3. Connect the USB port

-Charging time: 2 hours until full charge
-Identification of battery status:

  • Red light - charging
  • Green light - Fully charged
  • Flashing red light - low battery level (30 minutes to full discharge)