APACHE Quruk Bosch CX 625

Quruk e-bike with 29" wheels, the latest generation Bosch CX engine and a large 625 Wh battery capacity.

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Rider height: 165 cm



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17 - 18" (M)

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€ 4,212

€ 3,481 excl. VAT

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Why this e-bike?

APACHE Quruk Bosch CX 625

motor: BOSCH CX 4th Gen
battery: 625 Wh 
frame size: 40 cm, 44 cm, 48 cm, 51 cm
speeds: 12
fork stroke: 150 mm

APACHE Quruk Bosch CX 625

The AION reflects the beauty and diversity of cycling and cyclists. Offering stunning performance at an affordable price, the Aion transitions electric mountain bike thanks to shim based high speed compression and rebound circuits. It is simple, reliable and durable. This product from SR Suntour also features Q-LOC - a patented quick release system for thru axles.

APACHE Quruk Bosch CX 625

The faster, steeper and gnarlier it gets, the more you become aware of the TRIAir rear shock. We have put together all the feedback from our riders and created an efficient and reliable package. This shock absorber comes from reputable brand SR Suntour and is fitted to top of the range electric mountain bikes.

  • This is the ultimate top of the range electric bike from our Apache line-up. There is no compromise in a way APACHE Quruk Bosch CX 625 has been built using only the best available components and highest grade materials.


  • From the latest Shimano XT M8100 1x12 gear changer all the way to upmarket 4th Gen. Bosch crank drive motor with 85Nm of torque as well as included front and rear suspension.


  • Great Shimano MT 520 180mm brake discs and elegant Bosch Kiox display complete the package of this ultimate riding machine.




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E-bike range calculator

Total weight of rider (incl. equipment)
Predominant route profile
Battery capacity
For 80 kg riders, with a battery capacity of Wh when driving with average assistance after a predominantly , the range on this e-bike will be approximately
(Setting specific assistant mode, electro-technical state, battery age, ambient temperature, aerodynamics and driving technique could affect the overall range)

Kiox color display has all the classic features of a travel computer, while giving you access to the digital world using a smartphone.

Travel multifunction computer for real sport riders.

Small display that's got it all

Small, connected and pioneering: Kiox offers ambitious sporty eBike riders access to the digital world via the eBike Connect smartphone app, while also enabling them to navigate to their destination. The robust color display ensures eBike riders can always see their riding data at a glance, while the separate control unit allows them to keep the eBike under control. Kiox can record your trips and send all the relevant data via the smartphone's Bluetooth connection to the eBike Connect online portal. When connected with a heart rate monitor using Bluetooth, it also enables riders to get the most out of their training. This makes Kiox the perfect companion – for athletic rides and Connected Biking adventures. 


Displej Bosch Kiox


On-board computer gets connected to the eBike world from Bosch. Kiox monitors travel data reports to eBike Connect appover Bluetooth. Kiox combines smartphones GPS data with on-board data that can be accessed from online portal.




All the data are easy to acesss as they are automaticaly synced between Kiox and eBike Connect using Bluetooth.



Come out turn on ride away and enjoy ! On-board computer is available to use immediately and provides all the main informations.



Kiox gains new stylish look: Screen features high contrast and easy to navigate user interface. Universal magnetic holder gives your handlebar new stylish look too.

Displej Bosch Kiox


1.9" color display guarantees perfect readability even under direct sunlight.
Brightness auto-adjusts according to ambient lightning so everything is clear even in a dark

Kiox meets the smartphone

The eBike Connect app enables Kiox to connect to the smartphone via Bluetooth Low Energy. There it is possible to change certain settings or to evaluate your own activities - for a very personal, connected and interactive eBike experience.    


Raise level of your fitness. On screen indicator shows if you are riding above or below your average speed which often motivates to go just that little bit faster

Displej Bosch KioxUnbreakable glass
Whether its stone chips or little stones the screen is scratch resistant so it is the perfect partner for trips across country just as much as for city rides.


Magnetic holder

Easy to remove but securely mounted to withstand vibrations caused by riding across rough terrain the holder features quick detach and re-attach.


Remote Compact 

Keeping everything under control: The buttons of the separate control unit enable the computer to be operated comfortably using your thumb. The distinct, tactile pressure sensors behind the buttons gives the rider clear feedback.





Displej Bosch Kiox

Displej Bosch Kiox

Kiox meets the smartphone

The eBike Connect app enables Kiox to connect to the smartphone via Bluetooth Low Energy. There it is possible to change certain settings or to evaluate your own activities - for a very personal, connected and interactive eBike experience.






Displej Bosch Kiox

eBike Connect online portal

All data at a glance

eBike riders have all relevant information from the eBike Connect online portal in view on a tablet or PC. Kiox uses the smartphone's Internet connection to transfer data to the online portal.



Up to date user manual for Bosch KIOX →

Full range of Bosch Kiox e-bikes



We are specialists and we have a complete range of medium- and high-class e-bikes from the Czech brand APACHE BICYCLES. With each APACHE e-bike we offer a premium frame warranty, the first year of after-sales service for free, and perfect diagnostics for all drive technologies used. We are the main repair shop partner for APACHE BICYCLES. APACHE has a wide range of e-bikes for various uses, with several possible motor types - Bosch, Bafang and AP Silent. We also offer rebuilding and installation of hub and central sets and drives of the Apache Power System brand, including batteries and accessories.



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Drive type Bosch CX 4.gen
Control Bosch CX 4.gen
Capacity and battery type BOSCH Power Tube 625 - 625 Wh / 17,4 Ah
Frame sizes 16", 18", 20"
Frame type and material Alu 6061
Front fork SR Suntour Aion 35 EVO Boost LOR
Number of gears 1 x 12
Shifters Shimano Deore M6100
Derailleur Shimano XT M8100 12 sp.
Type and brand of brakes Shimano Deore MT520 (disc 180mm)
Cassette Shimano Deore M6100 (10 - 51 z.)
The stem Apache 31,8 x 60 mm
Chain Shimano SLX M7100 12 sp.
Handlebars Apache 31,8 x 780 mm
Saddle Ergon SMC10
Seat post Teleskopic, stroke 125 mm (30,9 / 400 mm)
Load capacity 120 kg
Rims Remerx RX2030
Front hub Shimano MT410
Rear hub Shimano MT510
Tyres Schwalbe Hans Dampf Evo Super Trail (29 x 2,6")
Silencer SR Suntour TRIAir 3CR
Display BOSCH Kiox