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APACHE Matto MX Lady - Second eBike

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Sporty cross bike with ultra-powerful central engine

Apache Matto MX is a high-quality cross-country electric pole with an attractive aluminum frame, sports-cut geometry and an ultra-strong center electric motor. Riding rides, family trips, and regular commuting for work or school are his everyday bread. Roadways and bicycle paths of all kinds, light terrain of field and forest roads, thanks to a rigid frame and a high-quality spring fork, you do not have to limit the choice of a suitable route. With the powerful central electric motor, the Apache Matto MX is a clear proof that the crossover electrocolo can be a great thing even without a brand-name drive of a renowned name.

Key properties:

  • the Bafang MaxDrive central motor with a maximum torque of up to 80 Nm
  • LG lithium ion battery frame with 16 Ah capacity
  • aluminum frame with sporty cut geometry and inner bowl guide
  • significantly reduced top frame tube for easy and safe entry
  • air lock SR Suntour NCX D LO Air with locking on the crown

Detailed description:

  • aluminum frame with internal bow lead, sporty cut geometry and significantly reduced top tube for easy and safe entry
  • the extremely powerful Bafang MaxDrive central motor with a nominal output of 250 W and a maximum torque of up to 80 Nm
  • the ability to customize control software, including increased speed limits
  • LG lithium ion battery frame with a total capacity of 16 Ah (576 Wh)
  • air suspension SR Suntour NCX D LO Air with a 63 mm stroke and a lock on the crown
  • quality Shimano brand components, including hydraulic disc brakes
  • fixed wheels with a diameter of 28 "

     Rámová baterie

  • Baterie umístěná na rámu elektrokola (místo láhve na pití - proto někdy označení jako láhvová či válcová baterie)
  • Nejoptimálnějším umístění baterie pro nizké težiště.
  • Elektrokolo s rámovou baterií vykazuje ideální poměr vyvážení hmotnosti,
    baterie díky svému umístění nenarušuje těžiště kola (jako např. baterie umístěná na nosiči).
  • Rámové baterie zapadají do kompaktního designu kola jako celek a nijak ho neruší.


Trekking or cross e-bike is the right choice for your long and enjoyable bike trips. On you will find only touring and trekking e-bikes with a high range at an attractive price. Cross e-bikes are specifically designed for light terrain.

Centre drive system

Bafang M400


Center motor BAFANG Max Drive M400 has a very high torque - up to 80 Nm.

The motor has a pedalling sensor and torque sensor of pedalling force. The higher effort you put into pedalling the more powerful assistance you get, thanks to the intelligent drive unit, which is integrated into the motor body.


Drive unit Center
Rated power 250 W
Max. torque 80 Nm
Voltage 36/43/48 (DCV)
Motor efficiency ≥ 80%
Pedalling Sensor cadence sensor
Max. support Speed 25 km/h
Weight 3.6 kg
Operating temperature -20 - 45 ℃
Noise < 55 dB



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